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MIG Knezha is a public benefit organization, which aims to:

  • affiliate development of rural areas
  • develop and affirm the European practice and aproaches about decentralized development of the rural areas, including the LEADER approach - "Top to bottom" of the European agriculture fund for development of rural areas.
  • To increase the competability, environment care, quality of life and diversification of the economic activities in the rural areas.

Complete info for MIG Knezha (in Bulgarian)

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Geographical location.

The town of Knezha is located in northwestern part of Bulgaria. It is 64 km northeast from the city of Vratsa, 30 km northwest from the town of Cherven Bryag, just 12 km to the east from Byala Slatina and 48 km from Pleven. See more

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Climate specifics.

The region surrounding the town of Knezha is significantly different from the other towns. It is a kind of climate island in the Danube plain, which consists from sharp and cold winters with sharp winds, specifically windy spring seasons and especially hot summer. The winds are primarily comming from southeast and southwest. See more.

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Topography and soils.

Knezha is located in the central part of the Danube plain. The common topography can be defined as plane. Most of the terrain has altitude of 100 to 200m and only at the valley of river Iskar from 0 to 100m. The absolute altitude of Knezha is 62m. See more.

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Hydrogeological conditions.

The geological and meteorological soil types that construct the terrain of Knezha determine low water abundance of the major parts of the researched area. See more.