Geographical location

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The town of Knezha is located in northwestern part of Bulgaria. It is 64 km northeast from the city of Vratsa, 30 km northwest from the town of Cherven Bryag, just 12 km to the east from Byala Slatina and 48 km from Pleven. It is 8-14 km on the east from Iskar river and neighboors: Iskar town (a.k.a. Pelovo); Dolni Lukovit town, Gostilya village, Stavertsi village, Galovo village, Ostrov village, Selanovtsi village, Bardarski Geran village, Tarnak village, Lazarovo village and Brenitsa village. The Knezha land is approximately 170-180 thousand acres and is located in the middle between the Danube river (North), Iskar river (East) and Skat (West).

A small river named Gostilya crosses the land beginning from southwest and proceeding northeast. The forming springs of the Gostilya river are based in Vranyak village. It crosses through the Tarnak village and enters Knezha, where other small springs connect with it. With higher capacity, the Gostilya river passes Knezha, crosses the Dolni Lukovit village and enters the Gostilya village. It then connects to the Iskar river, south from the Stavretsi village.